Development and evaluation of self-healing cement composites by incorporation of encapsulated inorganic admixtures and hydraulic phases

The main objectives of this project include the development and evaluation of
a group of self-healing cement composites that will incorporate different types
of encapsulated healing agents, such as activated mineral admixtures and
hydraulic phases and the development and optimization of the encapsulation
methodology, including solid dispersion parameters for effective self-healing
cement and concrete mixtures, such as mechanical properties of the produced
microcapsules, rheological properties of wet mixtures, microstructural and
mechanical properties of hardened mixtures.
In order to achieve these objectives, a knowledge-based repository on
laboratory-generated data (experimental) and theoretical results for currently
available and future emerging self-healing technologies will be generated. The
repository will provide TITAN a valuable tool for enabling in prompt time the
most promising technological and material solutions, for enhancing the service
life of cement and concrete mixtures. The main scientific areas, where data
will be generated, encompass various types of healing agents, encapsulation
methodologies and parametric optimization of self-healing cement and concrete